What is team-building all about?
What brings the team together the most?

Team building is about getting team members to participate together in situations outside the office, as they are people, so developing personal relationships is essential.


This is one important factor why group development has the greatest positive impact.


It's very important that in these situations, roles within the team are defined, which allows for more efficient and effective work. Everyone is aware of how their work within the team and as an individual contributes to the team's goal.

For outdoor team building we offer our guided E-bike tours.

Why is the E-bike tour good? The fresh air, the sport, the new experiences and the beautiful landscapes really bring the team together. The E-bike allows team members with different performance levels to catch up with their peers thanks to the "support" function, avoiding the team from splitting up. It will be a super cycling experience for everyone to enjoy together as a team.

Optional E-bike tours end in Eger, Mezőkövesd, Bükkszentkereszt. Routes with varying distances and sights to admire en route for team building participants. More information under Tours.

At the end of the E-bike tour, the team can relax at our wine dinner in our own cellar, where we will treat the participants to a wine tasting and a selection of delicious snacks.

In the E-Tekergők Guesthouse, accommodation is also available if you are organising a multi-day team building event. We offer accommodation for up to 10-12 persons, with private barbecue, seasonal heated swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, jacuzzi, and jacuzzi. For more information on accommodation click here!

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